by Meg

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This is a list of comics I personally read and enjoy. I would love to say they endorse my
comic as well, but comeon, lets be honest, most of em have never heard of me! So yeah,
these are all decent (and some amazing) comics, check em out! If you'd like to excange
links leave a note in the guest booK.
The Life of Riley Demonic Boppu Demonology 101 Dub This!
Eat the Roses Eversummer Eve F.O.G. Club Adventure Fate Martyr Sapheire
Framed!!! Ghost Hunters Maison Otaku Kung Fool!
Legacy of the Messiah Lovarian Adventures Mac Hall Megatokyo
Memoirs of a Bored Student Nekotime Palestra Penny Arcade
Ceph Protean Comics Self-Insert Player vs. Player
Self Insert Seperation Anxiety Sluggy Freelance StarSomething
Strange Candy The Book The Cyantia Chronicles The Jar
The Legend of the Four The Makeshift Miracle The Sinner Dragon There Be Elves
The Wings of Change Utukki Winter Yin and Yang
Little Gamers VS BITE ME M.A.C. Studios
The Adventure Chronicles Fight Cast Or Evade Amuse Me!